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And so it begins. Property Manager Regulation is on its way!

March 30, 2022

We’ve had another big month here at Renters United! We’ve started work on our next campaign for Property Manager Regulation and we published our open letter to Trade Me. Read on to see how it went, and how you can get involved!

Holding landlords accountable

February 28, 2022

This month we ran a webinar, rent controls were on the table and off again, and property manager regulation is just around the corner

Renters forgotten in Government’s housing package

March 23, 2021

Renters have been hit hardest by the housing crisis. Not only are they locked out of the buyers market due to ever increasing rents, but the severe lack of supply has left many with no choice but to live in substandard, overcrowded housing. These new policy announcements do nothing to help us in the short term.