New Zealand back on track to homelessness

June 20, 2024 9:30 am

Renters United has launched their campaign against ‘no-cause evictions’ claiming the reintroduction of no cause evictions will lead to worse health, education, and economic outcomes for renters.

The Coalition Government is planning to reintroduce 90 day no-cause evictions, which would allow landlords to kick renters out without having to provide a reason.

“No cause evictions unfairly favour landlords by removing existing protections of the right of renters to security of tenure, guaranteed in tenancy agreements. 

This imbalance pushes whānau and communities already struggling in the private market, closer to the crumbling public housing system” said National Organiser, Grace Tualalelei  

“The Coalition Government is introducing no-cause evictions at a time many other countries are removing them. Both the UK and New South Wales are looking to ban no-cause evictions after the successful impact the ban had in Aotearoa

An Otago University study from 2022 found that being evicted had serious lifelong effects for the health of renters, and international research suggests that eviction is a common precursor to homelessness.

Participants from that survey who had been on the receiving end of evictions spoke of moving into their cars or camping grounds, and when they could find a place to stay resorting at times to sharing two and a half bedrooms between 12 children and three adults.

“We know that for many people renting the idea of being kicked out of your home will always loom over you. The return of no cause evictions just makes that worse.

While the Coalition Government has claimed that the return of no-cause evictions will “[increase] private rental housing supply” their own evidence is far less conclusive.

A document drafted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development said “Considering the lack of evidence and complexity of factors influencing the policy problem, it is very difficult to say with any certainty to what extent the 2020 RTA changes have contributed to it. By extension, it is therefore unclear to what extent reversing them will address it.”

“While Ministers get to live in their taxpayer funded investment properties, renters will be wondering how long they’ve got until they have to move next.”


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