Renters organisation warns of tenant tracking service

August 19, 2023 5:00 am

Today Renters United has warned its members of a new service launched by illion Tenancy that allows landlords to be notified if their tenant moves, or attempts to move, properties.

President of Renters United, Geordie Rogers, said “The Address Alert service recently announced by illion can only be summarised as an invasion of renter’s privacy and a short step away from a tenant tracking service.

“The Privacy Principles are clear, renters have the right to know what their personal information is going to be used for and they should be offered the right to withhold that information

“While renters may have consented to their information being used for a background check, Renters United hasn’t seen any landlord disclosing that a renter’s personal information might be used for this new service.

Rogers said this is just another example of the control landlords like to have over renters’ lives.

“Renters have to put up with unannounced visits from their landlords, property inspections where their lifestyles are heavily scrutinised, and now tracking them when they might want to move.

Renters United has provided advice to its members and is urging renters across the country to check illion Tenancy hasn’t breached their rights.

Renters can check what personal information any organisation holds on them using the AboutMe tool provided by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and should address illion Tenancy queries to



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