Candidate Drucilla Kingi-Patterson answers Renters United’s questions

September 17, 2022 5:38 pm


Drucilla Kingi-Patterson

Mayoral, Harewood Ward


Likely to make little difference for renters

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Renters United asked every candidate in Christchurch 17 questions about the issues that most concern renters iin Christchurch. Here are Drucilla Kingi-Patterson’s responses in full.

Rapid fire questions

Are you a renter? No
Do you own any properties? No
Do you support the Renters United Healthy Homes Commitment? Yes
Do you commit to funding tenant advocacy? Yes
Do you support councils retaining ownership an expanding supply of council housing? Yes
Will you lobby for IRRS to be extended to councils? Yes
Do you commit to densifying inner city suburbs? Yes
Will you commit to using your platform to abolish the ratepayers roll? Yes

Stable homes

What actions would you take to improve stability and security for private renters?

Better relationship and support for establish groups working with renters.

How will you ensure all council tenants have security of tenure?

Groups working with renters need to be financed first – we need fixed rents

What steps will you take to end homelessness in Christchurch?

1. a soup kitchen over cold season, creative workshop some have homes but isolated
more council homes, Better access to part time training.Orange Van providing
showers and dry clothes,

Meaningful enforcement

If elected, would you take steps to tackle persistent bad landlords who do not meet their obligations to renters in your area? If so, what?

yes we have a duty of care / we need better mediation service.

What do you think Council should do to address power imbalance between landlords and tenants? If nothing, why?

You need a guide book for both I plan to rent my home out in wiamakariri so I can take on the role of mayor I rely on the agent plus a group like you to guide me, I also plan to rent for year until I decide where I wont to be so I now find my self in the same situation as a lot of people and need a book of rules plus people to helpme .But we need a code of care because we have high number of elderly, disabled plus those with medical conditions.

Fair rent

Would you advocate for additional powers or resources from Central Government to address the housing crisis (such as legislating for Rent Control), if so what and how?

yes it would help families plan to stay longer. you have to lobby and get council agreement first .There will be a legal process.

What do you think are the main reasons rents in Christchurch are increasing? How would you ensure rents in Christchurch are affordable?

control on rates, better working relations with all sectors communities so solutions can be found eg keep building costs monitor time for work permits through council

Safe and healthy homes

What actions (in contrast to or in conjunction with our Healthy Homes Commitment) would you take to improve the quality of private rental housing in your ward and in your city?

Shelters outside for washing to reduce condensation roll a program out.

Anything else you want to share?

Regular meetings with community groups and renters.

Drucilla Kingi-Patterson

Mayoral, Harewood Ward


Likely to make little difference for renters

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