Holding landlords accountable

February 28, 2022 6:00 pm

Kia ora e hoa,

We hope you had a fantastic February and have been enjoying most of the sun while it lasts. Last month was big! We ran a webinar with CAB and the Tenant’s Protection Association, Rent Controls were on the table then off the table, and the Government released their discussion document for Property Manager Regulation.

We have some more information about that discussion document and how you can get involved later in the newsletter, but what can you do to hold your property manager or landlord to account right now?

Holding your landlord accountable

In the current system you, the tenant, are responsible for holding your landlord to account. It’s not perfect, and we’re pushing for the Property Manager Regulation to improve this, but there are things you can do right now to hold your landlord to account.

What needs to be maintained? The law says that a landlord has to maintain their rental property in a reasonable state of repair. This doesn’t mean they have to keep the property in a perfect condition but it does mean that they have to repair water damage, broken windows or doors, hot water cylinders and complete general maintenance inside and outside the property.

As soon as you notice something needs to be repaired, send your landlord notice in writing. If your landlord only responds to phone calls, call them and then immediately send them an email outlining what was discussed on the phone call and what you expect from them.

If you don’t hear back from them or the repair hasn’t been scheduled within a timely manner (7-14 days), send them a formal notice to remedy. Tenancy Services has a great template that you can use. Upon the expiry of that notice period, 14 days, you can apply to the tribunal, or ask your landlord for compensation.

For a more in depth run down of how to hold your landlord responsible check out our blog post here.

Did you see our webinar on Periodic and Fixed Term Tenancies?

Last week in collaboration with the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Tenant’s Protection Association we ran a webinar on fixed term and periodic tenancies. If you missed it you can check it out here and if you’d prefer to read up on the changes we have a blog post just for you!

Coming up next month – Property Manager Regulation

Over the next few weeks we’ll continue working hard to ensure that your voice is heard. We’ll be launching our campaign for the regulation of property managers, asking you what you want from the regulation and helping you create submissions for Property Manager Regulation.

If you want to be part of organizing this campaign reach out to our new National Organizer Grace via email grace@rentersunited.org.nz.

Do you think someone else might want to know about or campaign for property manager regulation? Let them know they can sign up to our mailing list to stay updated at rentersunited.org.nz/join

In solidarity,
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