Need help while renting?

Renters United is focused on changing laws to make renting better for everyone. We don’t provide support with particular renting situations. However, others do – for help with your own renting or living situation here are some places you can turn to for support:

Advocacy services are available throughout Aotearoa. The below services can give you advice specific to your rental situation, and when required help you through your renting situation.

If you need some advice or help bringing a case to the tribunal these are the best places to start.



Bay of Plenty


Nelson Bays


West Coast

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your rental situation please reach out for help. Below are a range of services that can provide you with some support.

If you are in an emergency please call 111

Mental Wellbeing

Help with food?

Help with finances?

Help with employment issues?

Make your home healthy (Wellington Region)

If you want to spend some time looking into the rights you have as a renter then these are some good places to start. Knowing your rights can not only help you with your own renting or living situation, but you can help others too!