A Campaign for Renters!


Authorised by Geordie Rogers, 29 Freeling Street, Wellington

Every election matters, but this October there’s more at stake for renters than ever.

The potential return of no-cause evictions, media outlets inexplicably asking landlords to share their sob stories the same week we receive irrefutable evidence that rent prices are set as the maximum they can get from us, and a severe lack of vision from most political parties on what we need to fix our broken housing system are all symptomatic of what we’re facing over the coming months.

There’s no point sugarcoating it, we’re worried about what the next three years could hold for renters. Regardless of what happens on October 14th, we’ll be continuing the fight to make renting better for everyone for years to come but we’re not going to miss the opportunity we have over the coming months to protect renters and the wins we’ve achieved over the last 9 years.


We’ve prepared this guide with two key focusses: tips on how to prepare for and present yourself at the meetings and a list of suggested questions for you to ask. Check out our guide here, and make sure you share it with your friends on instagram!


This year we’re releasing two sets of scorecards so you have all the information you need when you head to the polls.

We’ve collaborated with Action Station, JustSpeak, the Young Worker Resource Centre, Public Housing Futures, and 350 Aotearoa to provide a you with a quick overview of all the parties policy positions that will affect you! From justice to housing, workers rights to climate, they’re all available in the scorecards here.

Want a deep dive in to where each party stand on housing? We’ll be releasing our in depth scorecards soon, so keep an eye on our socials, or use the box at the bottom of this page to subscribe!


  1. Get three of your friends to vote! This year we need to triple the vote for renting. Renters are statistically less likely to vote than home owners, and that means you probably have three friends who aren’t going to vote. Talk to them and figure out what matters most to them, use our scorecards above to find out who they should vote for and then make sure they get to the polls!
  1. Get in touch with us and give us a hand. Wether you’ve campaigned before or this is your first time our team is ready to support you! Want to help run an event, create some social media posts, or just help build the campaign? Get in touch with our National Organiser
  1. Don’t have the time but want to help build the campaign? You can always make a donation to Renters United. Every donation helps us get closer to an Aotearoa where renting is better for everyone!